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PP Nucleating Agent Gets Certification from UL for its Energy Savings

Milliken’s Hyperform HPN nucleating agent enables an average of 5-8% energy savings.


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Milliken Chemical, Spartanburg, S.C., has long said that its Hyperform HPN performance nucleating agent for PP offers significant energy savings to injection molders during processing—a claim that has now been independently verified by UL LLC.

UL Environment & Sustainability, a unit of the global UL group, has reviewed and certified that four grades of Milliken Chemical’s Hyperform HPN enabled an average of 5-8% energy savings for firms that injection mold thin-wall container lids or similar PP products. This certification applies to the Asia region, but can be extended to a global recognition.

“We do have plans to pursue UL certification for additional nucleators in various applications, including for other processes such as thermoforming”, said Bhavesh Gandhi, global product line manager for Milliken’s Chemical Business.

Hyperform HPN provides the possibility of faster productivity via reduced cycle times, along with the proven energy savings. Additionally, Hyperform HPN improves the performance of recycled PP, enabling greater use of rPP in various applications.

This is just the latest step in Milliken’s ongoing mission to help its customers reduce their impact on the environment. Its Millad NX® 8000 clarifier for PP was the first Milliken product to gain energy savings-related certification from UL. Within its nucleation portfolio, Hyperform HPN products are the first products to gain such a distinction.