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Pure Loop Expands Service Offering for Customers in North America

  Erema’s subsidiary Pure Loop expands footprint with the delivery of an ISEC evo 302 recycling machine here.


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To expand its technology footprint in North America, Austria’s PureLoop has commissioned an ISEC evo 302 recycling machine for this purpose at the technical center of parent company Erema North America in Ipswich, Mass. The machine is built in modules so it can be configured to meet different requirements for degassing, filtration and other performance parameters.

Said Pure Loop’s managing director Manfred Dobersberger,
"The USA and Canada are important markets for the in-house recycling segment that we serve with our local sales partners. With this machine that our American customers can also use to carry out non-binding test runs with their material, we confirm the significance of this market."

Erema North America's tech center with new Pure Loop recycling machine

Following the test run, customers receive a detailed test report containing the quality values of the recycled pellets produced. If needed, customers can also attend the test run in person as it's the perfect opportunity to get a close-up look of the ISEC machine during operation and find out how easy it is to operate for producing high quality recycled pellets. "If this is not possible due to Corona or for other reasons, customers can also attend during a live video conference, or receive a video recording of the test," explains sPure Loop’s ales manager Kevin Hinterberger, who is responsible for coordinating the material tests.


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