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Rapid Granulator Group Names New CEO

Jonas Wästberg is the new CEO of the Rapid Granulator Group, effective September 1st.


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Rapid Granulator announced the appointment of Jonas Wästberg as new CEO of the Rapid Granulator Group, effective September 1st.

“Jonas will continue to develop Rapid’s global operations and growth, built on its market-leading position and superior size reduction technologies,” said Martin Linder, Chairman of the Board. “With his background in developing industrial companies with a truly international organization, we expect a continued profitable growth of the group.”

“I look forward to my assignment at Rapid Granulator,”  Jonas said. “It’s an exciting company with a high level of innovation and cutting-edge technology that has a fantastic potential to help the plastics industry facing new challenges.” And, Jonas continues, “I’m eager to work with Rapid’s highly skilled and dedicated teams around the world.”

Jonas Wästberg holds a Master of Business Administration from Lund and Vienna.


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