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Reifenhauser Buys Air-Ring Supplier

Acquires a majority stake in Germany’s Kdesign.  


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Reifenhäuser has acquired a majority stake in Kdesign GmbH, Königswinter, Germany, a manufacture of air cooling rings and measuring systems for blown film extrusion lines. The move expands Reifenhäuser’s in-house expertise in cooling, controlling, measuring and calibrating blown films and will give its customers in this segment an even clearer competitive edge in the future, the company said in a press release.

Under terms of the deal, Kdesign will be an independent company within the Reifenhäuser Group, and its business and customer relationships will continue unchanged. Joachim Lange and Richard Zimmermann continue to head the company as managing directors.

Said Reifenhäuser CEO Bernd Reifenhäuser, “In the blown film production process, cooling and controlling have a decisive impact on the quality of the end product. Our colleagues at Kdesign already offer the best technology on the market for this, which we are now bringing together with our extrusion technology. Customers will benefit from the ideal pairing of cooling expertise and specialist knowledge in hot parts. From now on, we can perfectly harmonize our products for optimum performance and together we can develop technologies more quickly.”

Reifenhauser Buys Air-Ring Firm Left to right: Bernd Reifenhäuser (CEO, Reifenhäuser Group), Richard Zimmermann (Shareholder and Managing Director, Kdesign), Gerd Fähling (Shareholder and head of sales, Kdesign), Joachim Lange (Shareholder and Managing Director, Kdesign), Ulrich Reifenhäuser (CSO, Reifenhäuser Group).

Richard Zimmermann, managing director of Kdesign, added: “We will be able to be closer to our customers in the future and have better development opportunities. Our location is just 20 minutes away from Reifenhäuser’s headquarters (in Troisdorf). We are looking forward to working together and having a close personal exchange.”