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RJG Expands Online Training Offerings

Five new course cover tool launch, part design, mold design, machine performance and systematic molding for LSR.


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Injection molding technology and training provider RJG Inc. (Traverse City, Mich.) is now offering five new online training courses: Accelerated Tool Launch, Online Intro to Part Design, Online Intro to Mold Design, Online Intro to Machine Performance and Online Intro to Systematic Molding for LSR.

The company says the live, interactive courses are expert led and allow participants to experience RJG training without the need to travel or miss more work than necessary. Earlier this year in response to disruptions to in-person learning caused by the coronavirus outbreak, RJG announced the addition of virtual training and consultation options. RJG transitioned several of its training courses to an online setting, offering live, interactive sessions as well as self-guided labs (read more).

Course Descriptions

Accelerated Tool Launch: Focuses on use of simulation software to forecast process set-up sheets so molders can make good parts from the first shot without rework.

Online Intro to Part Design: Provides basic knowledge of the steps used to design and produce injection molded components. Topics addressed include an overview of fundamental material characteristics, basic tooling concepts, necessary processing characteristics and molding non-conformities. The course will also show how some molding non-conformities are related to part design.

Online Intro to Mold Design: Provides common language and basic knowledge of how injection molds are designed so they can meet cycle time, cost, and part quality goals. Class topics address good manufacturing practices (GMP) for part design, including fundamental material characteristics, necessary processing techniques and molding non-conformities, with a focus on robust mold design.

Online Intro to Machine Performance: Covers how to perform injection molding machine diagnostics and improve overall machine performance. Upon completion, participants will be able to generate a predictive failure schedule, conduct machine performance tests, perform preventative maintenance and undertake advanced diagnostics through process monitoring data.

Online Intro to Systematic Molding for LSR: Provides a foundation to understand the injection molding process for liquid silicone rubber (LSR). Participants will learn the elements and variables involved in the injection molding process for LSR and understand key terminology that will help them communicate and solve molding problems.

RJG virtual training

RJG has added five new online training courses, ranging from part and mold design to machine performance and systematic molding of LSR.