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5/20/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Sesotec Expands Services in Canada

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New sales manager at Sesotec Canada to support anticipated growth for metal detectors, X-ray inspection and material analysis systems..

Germany-based Sesotec GmbH, manufacturer of metal detectors, X-ray inspection, sorting and material analysis systems, is expanding services at its subsidiary Sesotec Canada, Guelph, Ontario  The company announced Sesotec Canada is now conducting business independently to both meet continued demand for its machines and systems and to further facilitate its Canadian business. Up until May 2020,   business in Canada was supported administratively by its Sesotec Chicago subsidiary.


As part of the growth and independence, Sesotec Canada;s president Doug Pedersen has welcomed another new employee. "As our business grows, so does the Sesotec Canada team. It will be a great advantage for our customers that Vincent Le Bourdais has joined Sesotec as regional sales manager for Eastern Canada. Vince has extensive experience in consumer protection and safety systems in the food industry and will support customers in the Quebec area and the Maritime Provinces".

From its sales, service and training center in Guelph,  Sesotec Canada serves the demand of customers in the food and plastics industries for equipment and systems for foreign object detection and material analysis. The showroom with demo equipment includes metal detectors and X-ray systems for product testing and customer training. Sesotec Canada also plans to stock a range of spare parts for responsive support.



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