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11/20/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Shop Online for 'Off-the-Shelf' Medical Tubing

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Spectrum Plastics Group releases an upgraded online store for stock and custom medical extrusions to support catheter delivery system development.

Spectrum Plastic Group, the largest medical tubing extruder in North America, recently launched an upgraded e-commerce store on behalf of Apollo Medical Extrusion. The online store showcases its quick turn, “off the shelf” extrusion program that provides engineers with precision medical extrusions next day within North America and within three days internationally for European customers.

Products are available as both stock and custom; and feature the most common medical grade materials and additives related to catheter delivery system development and innovation. Examples include single lumen tubing with ultra-thin walls down to 0.003-in., dual, triple and quad-lumen medical tubing, and 5-lumen steerable catheter liners. Tubing and catheters are available in Nylon 12, Pebax (35D-72D), PEEK and FEP with radiopaque and low-friction additives.

Apollo represents the Advanced Extrusion Technology brand of Spectrum Plastics Group. With multiple plants in North America and a strategic location for European customers in Tullamore, Ireland, Spectrum Plastics Group is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced extrusions, catheter components, and catheter assemblies. “The new online store provides a fresh look and provides our customers with a simplified online shopping experience,” remarks Steve Maxson, Vice President of Sales, Spectrum Plastics Specialty Products, “It is an effective way to get product into customers’ hands as quickly as possible, and permits them to iterate new designs and configurations into their innovations.”

Spectrum Plastics Group partners with medical device manufacturers that continue to evolve and innovate catheter components and designs for a wide variety of medical device procedures, by offering a comprehensive suite of plastic manufacturing solutions and products.