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Sonics Keeps Supply Chain Moving in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

To meet demand for ultrasonic PPE assembly, Sonics offers instructive webinar and has delivered hand-held welders to companies welding elastic strips to the sides of clear face shields. 


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Deemed an essential business, Sonics & Materials, Inc., Newtown, Conn., has been operating continuously throughout the coronavirus crisis to meet customers’ needs as they address peak demand for personal protection equipment (PPE) items or convert existing production lines to products needed most at this extraordinary time.

As a supplier of ultrasonic assembly equipment for over 50 years, Sonics manufactures ultrasonic equipment that is used for textile, plastics, metal, packaging and specialty applications. As companies rush to adapt to new demands, many are retooling or discovering the benefits of ultrasonic assembly for PPE textile and plastics applications, such as continuous bonding or slitting, punching, sealing, plunge bonding, and hook and loop (Velcro) bonding, to produce face masks, surgical gowns, protective face shields and more.



Sonics’ ultrasonic plastics welding systems are also used for myriad medical device applications where the benefits of precision control and green technology (no additional consumables or waste, plus on-demand energy) are increasingly valued.

To share their decades-long, specialized expertise in this field, Sonics recently held a free, instructive webinar on “Ultrasonics and PPE / Medical Devices,” which will be available on their website at .

Sonics has been working directly with customers combatting the severe shortage of PPE for health care workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. Recently, Sonics has delivered hand-held welding systems to companies that use them to weld the elastic strip to the sides of clear protective face shields.

Sonics has also worked in partnership with three different companies to produce a version of its X-Press welding system with a specially customized horn and inserting tips for installing inserts into an oxygen accumulator tank (which is used along with a ventilator).

Now more than ever, Sonics continues to innovate to meet unique customer application requirements, such as the recent development of a process for welding multiple layers of material around the perimeter of a face mask.

During the pandemic, Sonics has assured their customers that:

  • Manufacturing, shipping, and receiving teams are operational and will continue to meet your high expectations for receiving critical equipment.
  • The service team is staffed and continues to quickly and efficiently repair equipment.
  • The sales and technical support teams are staffed remotely and are available to assist you during regular business hours.

Said company president Lauren Soloff,  “Like our fellow manufacturers across the country, we are committed to helping our customers fight this pandemic, while delivering our products and service in a way that maintains the health and safety of our employees.  We are all truly in this together.”



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