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STF Group Installs Recycling Line Virtually at a Plant in Haiti

In the wake of Covid-19 travel restrictions, STF Group pulls off first ever virtual plastic recycling line installation at the Lavergne plant in Haiti.


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Haiti wash line

STF Group successfully installed a PET bottle washing and recycling line in Haiti, virtually. This line is part of the HP ocean plastics program. 

Zimmer America Recycling Solution and its partner, Germany based STF Group, successfully installed virtually a 1.1 tons/hr (2,400 lb/hr) PET bottle washing and recycling line in Haiti.

The company says that this was done via daily online video conferences and was made possible by a strong local technical support team on the customer side in Haiti and simple and effective line and machine engineering by STF Group.

This new plastic washing line in Haiti is part of the HP ocean plastics program, which focuses on producing clean, high-quality recycled plastic for use in HP products, including Original HP ink cartridges and the company’s sustainable PC portfolio. HP invested $2 million in this washing line and the line is now fully functioning.

HP has been reducing ocean-bound plastic in Haiti since 2016, and these efforts have already diverted approximately 1.7 million lbs (771 metric tons) of plastic materials—or more than 60 million bottles— preventing this plastic from reaching waterways and oceans. Of that, more than 485,000 lbs (220 metric tons) have been diverted from oceans and are being upcycled into Original HP ink cartridges.

STF Group says that while this virtual installation was a first, it won’t be the last time.