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Sumitomo Demag Adds two New Tech Centers

New training and demo centers in Illinois and California will help molders keep up with technical developments as they happen.


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As Phase Two of its 2019 Expansion Plan, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery North America has opened a new Tech Center in Buffalo Grove, Ill., and a Training and Demo Center in Anaheim, Calif. Phase One of this plan was moving its Norcross, Ga., headquarters in February to a larger office and Tech Center in Suwanee, Ga.


New Sumitomo Demag Tech Center in Buffalo Grove, Ill., has three all-electric injection presses.

New Sumitomo Demag Tech Center in Buffalo Grove, Ill., has three all-electric injection presses.


To expand customer support in the Midwest, Sumitomo Demag’s new 15,300-ft2 facility in Buffalo Grove includes a training room; offices for sales, service and processing support; and an 8000-ft2 Tech Center, currently equipped with three SEEV-A and SEEV-AHD all-electric presses of 100, 180 and 385 tons for demos, mold tests, training and other processing and application support and development activities. Training classes will begin there in Q1 2020.

In Anaheim, Sumitomo Demag has partnered with QTM Inc., a thermoplastic resin distributor, to open a center with a meeting room, offices and a demo center with a SE100EV-A electric machine. “Our other West Coast partners will also be able to use this facility for applications development without traveling cross-country,” says John F. Martich III, exec. v.p. and COO of Sumitomo Demag’s U.S. operations. He adds, “Our industry tends to rely on a major trade show once every three years to bring together the wide range of advances in new and complex applications and/or large machine cells—the types of demos that just aren’t economically feasible to take to regional trade shows. We believe that molders shouldn’t have to wait three years to see what’s new.” The new centers will give the company “the ability to demonstrate new and improved capabilities, as they develop, across a wider geography.”


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