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Tolsa's Biocidal Additives Demonstrate Viricidal Activity

Tolsa’s Adins Protection additives are powerful biocides active against bacterial, algae and fungi with new viricide performance including Coronavirus types.


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Spanish mineral extraction and additives producer Tolsa (U.S. office in Casper, Wy.) has announced that its Adins Protection biocide additives for thermoplastics and other materials also demonstrate viricidal activity.

These high-performance, broad spectrum biocides have been shown to be powerful against bacteria, algae and fungi.  Tolsa now reports that Adins Protection S10  has been  shown to be highly active against all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus type (e.g., COVID-19), along with Norovirus, Rotavirus, and Adenovirus, according to the EN 14476 standard.

Tolsa's Adins Protection biocide demonstrates viricide performance

Tests conducted by an independent international external laboratory have confirmed that S10 reduces the viral load by up to 99.99% in both short and long periods. S10 is based in a needle-like special silicate with silver as the active substance. This is said to allow control of the release of metals and an optimal dispersion in the matrix in which it is incorporated. Due to its stability, this grade is used in a polymer matrix for different applications. It reportedly allows formulators and compounders to reduce the amount of active substance while providing the same antimicrobial activity, increasing its durability and reducing its environmental impact.