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Abrasion Resistant Alloys for Injection Molding

RTP's alloys are comparable to UHMWPE in abrasion resistance but can be injection molded.


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RTP Co. is featuring a range of new applications made with its engineered thermoplastic compounds. To stimulate new design concepts, RTP engineers are showcasing 7-Steps: A Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Guide, a guideline for successful metal-to-plastic part conversion. RTP boasts extensive expertise in using filled thermoplastic compounds to replace metal in a wide range of applications.

Also new is a selection of thermoplastic alloys that demonstrate abrasion resistance comparable to UHMWPE but are designed specifically for injection molding. RTP’s Abrasion Resistant Alloys series is available in multiple resin and additive combinations to provide further functionality such as wear-and-friction resistance, flame retardancy, and conductivity.