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Clear, Transparent Nylon for Steam Sterilization of Medical Products

EMS-Grivory’s new Grilamid TR HT 200 amorphous nylon boasts an above 90%.


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What reportedly is the first transparent nylon worldwide which can be repeatedly steam sterilized at 273 F/134 C for 400 cycles yet still maintain transparency, color and strength and has been developed by EMS-Grivory (U.S. office in Sumter, S.C.) This new amorphous resin, Grilamid TR HT 200, boasts a light transmission rate above 90% (2mm plaques) making ideal for repeated steam sterilization so many one-time use products used by healthcare professionals for one procedure can now be reusable instead of disposable.  

EMS Grivory's new Grilamid TR nylon for steam sterilization

According to the company, there are consumable tools made of clear plastic that cannot withstand steam or ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization.  Also known as autoclave treatment, steam sterilization    is used for example at hospitals, surgery centers, and dental offices. Polycarbonate cannot be steam sterilized more than 10 times and materials such as PSU, PPSU, and PEI which can tolerate the temperature and repeated cycles, have a yellow to amber color which further darkens after use.

Due to its crystal-clear transparency, high mechanical strength, and resistance to chemicals, Grilamid TR HT 200 can be used for multiple applications such as transparent pump holders, filters, steam valves, containers boxes and toolboxes, ventilation masks, sight windows and much more. Well known in the medical segment with numerous medical approvals, EMS-Grivory’s nylon materials have FDA USP and ISO approvals and have been used in many disposable articles such as syringes, containers, catheters and even face masks throughout the last 20+ years.


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