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6/27/2011 | 1 MINUTE READ

ADDITIVES: Additive Masterbatches for Security, Barrier, Durability, Processability & More

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Denesting aid for thermoformed and injection molded packaging also helps with mold release and scratch reduction.

Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y., has come out with Denestur (photo), a denesting aid for thermoformed and injection molded packaging. It also helps with mold release and scratch reduction. It is FDA compliant and comes in versions for PE, PP, and PET.

•Also new from Ampacet are AmpaTrace molecular tracers that add unique security signatures to food, beverage, drug, and cosmetics packaging. These customized “fingerprint” additive mixtures can be formulated for UV-activated, ferromagnetic, infrared, or other detection methods.

•A third Ampacet introduction is a reduced-bloom UV absorber for thin-gauge polyolefin films, designed to protect packaged contents from UV damage. The new additive is said to be more efficient than competing products, so it can be used at lower levels and in thinner films.

•New oxygen-scavenger masterbatches from Clariant Additive Masterbatches, Winchester, Va., are for HDPE and PP caps on personal-care packaging to protect fats and oils in these products from oxidation. CESA-absorb PEA0050901-ZN can help catch counterfeiting and can eliminate the need for an EVA cap liner.

•New from PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, are its first carbon nanotube masterbatches, based on acetal, PEEK, PEI, and PC. Stat-Tech NT products are aimed at semiconductors and hard-disk drives, providing consistent and uniform electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection together with high purity and little effect on processability or mechanical properties.

•PolyOne also launched OnCap CRT, a “process-optimization additive” for all types of resins, said to improve energy efficiency and throughput in extrusion and injection molding. Cycle-time reductions of 30% or more have been documented, the company says. OnCap CTR also reportedly improves part consistency, dimensional stability, and appearance.

•A more powerful antifungal additive from Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., is said to block fungal growth in PE films at just 7.5% loading. PM14873 meets FDA food-contact requirements and can be used in all types of PE.

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