ADDITIVES: Bio-Derived Colorants for PET and Biopolymers

The Natural Collection from Holland Colours initially aimed at cosmetics and personal-care packaging.

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A new line of bio-derived colorants for PET and biopolymers just launched by Holland Colours Americas Inc., Richmond, Ind., is said to be among the first ever to be entirely derived from non-toxic, non-petroleum based pigments as well as a bio-derived carrier. Initially targeted to the branding and packaging needs of cosmetics and personal-care markets, The Natural Collection palette is said to offer converters a 100% non-petroleum based colorant option that can be used for a variety of biopolymer applications.

Many of the pigments used in this colorant line are FDA compliant, making them suitable for packaging and other food-contact applications. Says sales & marketing manager Lydia Swan, “The Natural Collection represents a truly sustainable solution in polymer packaging, one that combines aesthetics and technology with environmentally friendly materials…today’s consumers expect eco-friendly packaging material to break down completely, including the color components. However, most available colorants in the industry today have few, if any, bio-derived components.”

As with the other of the company's Holcobatch products, benefits of the colorants in the new line are said to be low-dosing, low-dust, free-flowing and easy to process.