ADDITIVES: Clarifier Concentrates for PP Thermoformed Food Packaging

Milliken's new NX UltraClear concentrates for PP are aimed at replacing PS food packaging.

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To further enable the use of PP in replacing PS in food packaging as restrictions on the use of the latter proliferate, Milliken & Company has developed NX UltraClear PP concentrates. Targeted to the growing demand for higher clarity and increased sustainability in thermoformed food packaging—containers, clamshells, and trays, these concentrates are based on Milliken’s Millad NX 8000 fourth-generation nonitol-based clarifier, which has been shown to produce 50% less haze at any part thickness than previous benchmark clarifiers.  

Company officials say that with their new offering, they are assisting brand owners and converters in their material conversion processes as PP becomes a popular alternative to less sustainable plastics. Says one Milliken source, “We believe that our technology offers customers the perfect opportunity to reimagine their packaging with greater sustainability, heat resistance, improved ease-of-use, and superior clarity.” Unlike opaque materials such as EPS and paper-based packaging, NX UltraClear PP provides visibility into the contents of the container. See-through packaging which makes it faster and easier to verify order accuracy, is a major asset for food takeout operations. Also, consumers equate clarity with purity and cleanliness. NX UltraClear PP also provides ease of sealing by allowing the flange on a part to be reduced, helps achieve better seal integrity without contamination from multiple materials and, allows food to be microwaved in the package.

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