ADDITIVES: ‘Drop In’ Alternatives to Montan Wax

Aimed primarily at calendered PVC sheet for blister packaging.

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Struktol Company of America, Stow, Ohio, has recently introduced Struktol V-Wax E and V-Wax OP additives, which are said to be drop-in replacements for comparable montan wax-based products.
Struktol’s new refined, organic wax products are designed to be substitutes for Montan Wax E and Montan Wax OP. They reportedly provide equivalent processing and performance in a variety of applications and their inherent chemical composition meets current specifications for montan waxes.
The new products—aimed primarily at calendered PVC sheet for blister packaging—have been well received by customers following extensive testing and evaluation.     
Other potential applications include lubricants and release agents for polyolefins, nylons, thermoplastic polyesters, polyurethanes, and thermosets