ADDITIVES: Engineered Lubricants for Rigid PVC

Valtris Specialty Chemicals expands lubricants portfolio.

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Two new products have been added to the portfolio of lubricants for rigid PVC offered by Valtris Specialty Chemicals, Independence, Ohio. The company’s extensive Petrac portfolio of waxes and fatty acids, many of which are designed for the potable water pipe industry and carry the NSF and PPI listings, include stearic acid, paraffin waxes, Fischer Tropsch (FT), low-density oxidized polyethylene (LD OxPE) and high-density (HD OxPE) waxes . The new products are:

• Petrac 200, an NSF/PPI potable water pipe range formulation approved 165 melt point lubricant, which is based on FT wax technology. Such synthetic waxes are produced by the polymerization of carbon monoxide under high pressure. According to business director Peggy Schipper, because they are not by-products of petroleum refining, these engineered FT waxes are extremely consistent in composition which can positively impact the processing of rigid PVC compounds. She also notes that as refineries have become increasingly more efficient, fewer and fewer by-products in the form of paraffin waxes are being generated.

• Petrac 230, is an HD OxPE that compliments Petrac  215, Valtris LD OxPE—known for years as a workhorse industry standard metal release lubricant. In addition to providing metal release properties at low use levels, Petrac 230 is said to act as a fusion promoter to enable more controlled processing of highly-filled and difficult-to-fuse formulations.