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Additives: Flow Enhancer for Nylons, PPA, PBT and PLA

CAI Performance Additives’ ST-PA9 flow enhancer shown to dramatically increase MFI of nylon, PBT, PPA compounds and looks promising for PLA formulations. 


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A proprietary flow enhancer for nylons and other engineering resins described as a low-dosage, high-performance multifunctional lubricating additive is newly available from Boston-based CAI Performance Additives. CAI is the exclusive distributor in North America for Asian manufacturers of high-performance plastic additives.

ST-PA9 is a non-toxic, highly miscible organic compound that comes in powder form for use by compounders of nylons 6, 66 and 10/12, PPA and PBT at a low dosage of 0.5%. It also shows promise for use in PLA formulations, according to CAI’s company president Richard Marshall. It has been shown to lubricate the polymer chains, dramatically improving melt flow. Marshall cites the example of a 30% glass-filled nylon 6 for which the addition of 0.5% of ST-PA9, resulted in a 173% increase in MFI, along with a 10% increase in notched Izod impact, while retaining properties such as flexural modulus, tensile strength and elongation. Key end use applications of resultant compounds include home appliance housings, automotive components, electrical housing and cable ties.