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Additives: Functional Additive Repels Water or Fluids in Polyolefin Labware and Industrial Fixtures

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PolyOne’s new OnCap Low Retention Additive repels water or fluids in PE and PP surfaces and minimizes need for secondary processes. 

A new functional slip additive masterbatch changes the surface tension of polyolefins used for pipettes/test tubes as well as industrial fixtures, enabling the material surface to repel water or other liquids at room temperature. The new OnCap Low Retention Additive from PolyOne, Cleveland, was highlighted at the recent MD&M West trade show.

According to William Reynolds, industry manager healthcare, color, additives & ink, when this functional additive is used in a PP pipette tip, for example, it ensures that all the liquid to the last drop comes out with ease. Moreover, it minimizes or eliminates the need for secondary operations such as coating, reducing production costs, and is compatible with all sterilization methods. No solvents or wetting agents are required to repel liquids.