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Additives: Graphene Nanotubes for Fluoroelastomers

OCSiAL’s new Tuball Matrix additives are designed for fluoroelastomer gaskets, seals and other components used in industries such as oil & gas and aerospace.


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Luxemburg’s OCSiAl (U.S. office is in Columbus, Ohio) is now offering Tuball Matrix nanotube additives specifically developed for fluoroelastomers. Tubal Matrix is a naturally conductive single-wall carbon nanotube additive that improves the physical properties of various elastomers as well as conductivity without compromising other attributes. With loading rates below 0.5%, dispersions added during the compounding process also enable lightweighting, provide greater control over color, and eliminate marking.

Tuball Matrix 608 for fluoroelastomers is designed for gaskets, seals and other components used in the oil and gas, semiconductor and aerospace industries. Adding this additive during compounding has been shown to improve tensile strength up to 36%, tear strength up to 90% and abrasion resistance up to 27% while also enhancing conductive properties and color capabilities.

OSCiAl uses a unique production process to produce nano additives at a significantly lower cost and larger scale than has previously been possible. The additives include Tuball, a universal graphene nanotube additive that augments material performance, and Tuball Matrix, a pre-dispersed form of Tuball.