ADDITIVES: Heat and UV Stabilizer for Automotive TPOs

Clariant's new additive masterbatch aimed at next-generation auto interiors.

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A proprietary thermal and light stabilizer additive masterbatch recently introduced by Clariant (U.S. office in Charlotte, N.C.) reportedly sets a new benchmark in aiming to create longer-lasting aesthetics and a healthier environment inside future vehicles due to high compatibility with PP-based compounds (said to make up over 50% of plastics in vehicle interiors) and high intrinsic stability that contribute to reduced blooming and VOC emissions.

AddWorks ATR 146 is a low-dosage, sulfur-free stabilizer for TPO compounds used in interior automotive applications. It has been shown to deliver exceptional heat stability to TPO compounds, with no surface cracking reported after 700 hr and beyond 302 F/150 C when dosed as low as 0.3%; a performance level that exceeds the standard industry requirements and reportedly outperforms the heat stability of currently available alternatives. This, in addition to displaying excellent UV stability performance that protects long term against discoloration and a high resistance to extraction media like water or detergents, is said to enable typical TPO-based parts such as instrument panels, door panels, and pillars to maintain their aesthetics longer than when using traditional stabilizers.