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ADDITIVES: High-Performance Plasticizer Alternative for Flexible PVC

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PolyOne's Synplast relies on plentiful linear 9 alcohol to match the performance of the industry workhorse.


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An alternative flexible PVC plasticizer commercially launched by the vinyl group—Performance Products & Solutions (PP&S), of PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, reportedly has equivalent performance characteristics to industry workhorse 810TM linear plasticizer, and is formulated for use in wire and cable and automotive slush molding PVC applications. Moreover, SynPlast L9TM, which relies on linear 9 alcohol to achieve that performance, offers abundant supply availability to help counteract historic supply chain disruptions of 810TM.

            According to PolyOne, flexible PVC compounders have traditionally relied on 810TM to achieve critical performance properties at both elevated and low temperatures. When linear 810 alcohol became scarce in 2013, leading to a supply shortage in the workhorse plasticizer, it spurred a need for the development of alternatives to 810TM. In cooperation with a leading wire and cable PVC compounder, PolyOne’s cross-functional Synthetic Esters team proactively began developing what became the SynPlast plasticizer option. “The 810TM shortage could have spelled disaster for our wire and cable compounding customers…the foresight and expertise of PolyOne’s Synthetic Esters team, combined with the company’s manufacturing agility, enabled rapid development, production and delivery of a cost-effective alternative,” said PP&S general manager Don Wiseman.


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