ADDITIVES: Impact-Enhanced Colorants for Polyolefin Sheet

Teknor Color's new toughened colorants for PP and HDPE sheet products allow for downgauging and possible metal replacement.

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A new series of color concentrates incorporate an innovative impact-enhancing modifier that enables polyolefin sheet processors to boost toughness or reduce gauge without sacrificing strength. TekTuff color-impact concentrates from Teknor Color Co., Pawtucket, R.I., are used at the same loading or letdown ratio as existing Teknor concentrates and as such are drop-in replacements for a broad range of PP and HDPE sheet products that could benefit from this technology. These include extruded and thermoformed products such as lids, credit cards, toilet seat covers, truck bed liners, and industrial process tanks.  

Dart drop impact tests on extruded polyolefin sheet have shown a 33% increase in strength over that produced with standard concentrates. This reportedly offers the potential for downgauging to reduce weight and may open new possibilities for metal replacement, according to technical manager John Wood. “Plastic sheet must often be thicker than metal in order to provide similar impact properties, and this has been a limiting factor in applications where space is a concern…the strength enhancement provided by TekTuff concentrates can help plastics processors achieve the economies and design freedom of metal replacement while still meeting the practical requirements of end use. A metal box, for example, could be replaced by one made with thermoformed PP sheet.”

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