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10/2/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

ADDITIVES: Masterbatch Color Palettes Offer Random Color Effects

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Ampacet's four new masterbatch color palettes offer nice opportunities for creativity for a wide range of PP consumer products.

Four new materbatch color palettes for PP consumer products that use proprietary technology to produce random flow of color effects, have been globally launched by Ampacet, Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y. The palettes are: Carnival, said to combine bright-colored confetti with the use of unanticipated and explosive accents for high-energy fun;  Cork, which imbues products with the look of calming, yet powerful and imperishable natural wood elements; Camouflage, which grabs the spotlight by revealing breathtaking nature-mimicking effects; and GeoClassics, which takes cues from the rugged and bold look of granite, concrete and quartz to give even lightweight plastic products the visual weight of stone.

FusionFX’s random color effects enable designers to literally create a one-of-a-kind product that celebrates individual expression and the raw beauty found in nature’s imperfections. “FusionFX ensures that finished products are consistent, but never look exactly alike. The designer becomes the artist. It represents abstraction in its truest form,” says color insight manager Linda Carroll. From a camouflage-look fishing tackle box, to a plastic outdoor table suggesting the hefty weight of granite, to a trash can with the tactile look of cork, to toys speckled with vibrant colors, FusionFX presents endless options for creativity in applications ranging from sporting goods, housewares, caps and closures, toys, personal care products, appliances, sport vehicles, and outdoor furniture. 


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