ADDITIVES: Novel Crosslinker For Broad Range Of Plastics

Nexam Chemical launches multifunctional additive for virgin and recycled commodity and engineering resins and composites.

Sweden’s Nexam Chemical, manufacturer of heat-activated crosslinkers for plastics, had introduced the newly U.S.-patented  Nexamite PBO (phthalic anhydride and bioxazoline), a multifunctional additive intended for use as a chain extender and crosslinker. In addition, it is said to be an effective compatibilizer and scavenger in the manufacture of virgin polymer blends, engineering plastics and recycling of mixed plastics.

            Nexamite PBO is said to boost melt viscosity, hydrolytic stability and heat resistance of plastics. It allows for the use of low-viscosity polymers, controlled branching and crosslinking, and enables the upgrading of recycled materials. It can be used in applications ranging from surfboards and gym mats, to aircraft wings and rotor blades. It has been shown to enhance materials like foam and fiber that are widely used in sandwich structures and thermoset and thermoplastic composites.  (For more information, contact Daniel Rome, director of business development and innovation at