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7/15/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Additives: Peroxide Concentrates for Viscosity Modification of PP & Crosslinking of EVA, PE, TPE

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Addisperse’s new peroxide additives include a viscosity modifier for PP and recycling markets and a crosslinking agent for polyolefins. .  

Two novel peroxide-based additive concentrates for polyolefins have been recently launched by Addisperse, a business of Aromatic Fusion Inc. (AFI), Bensalem, Penn

 ▪  eNCORE NC 220 C is a pelletized viscosity modifier for PP compounding and recycling markets. Said to be a more efficient peroxide concentrate, it is based on unique nanotechnology. According to the company, a key benefit to processors is that they can use less eNCORE 220 C as compared to alternative products, which can result in significant cost savings. An additional benefit of this nanotechnology is a more uniform distribution of active ingredients, resulting in a more uniform and consistent extrudate rheology. The product also boasts exceptional storage stability; it has been shown  not to crystalize or fuse together during shipping or storage, even under extreme warehouse storage conditions.

 ▪  eNCORE NC 205, eNCORE NC 210 & eNCORE NC 220, all based on dicumy peroxide, have been developed for controlled crosslinking of EVA, PE and TPE. Because they contain no fillers, these concentrates reportedly are ideal for crosslinked foaming applications and silane crosslinking applications, including wire & cable, crosslinked PE pipe and heat shrinkable tubing. The unique carrier used to make these products reportedly assures a uniform distribution of the peroxide concentrates during processing without pre-activation.