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Additives: Pigments for Compostable Plastics

BASF Colors & Effects’ pigments portfolio supports sustainable packaging for compostable plastics and printing inks. 


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A special portfolio of pigments designed to support the creation of colored compostable plastics and printing inks is being promoted by the BASF’s Colors & Effects brand (U.S. office in Florham Park, N.J.). The selection, which is presented on the brand’s new website, is based on the evaluation of the pigment composition according to the requirements of EN 13432, the European standard for industrial composting.

Said senior commercial industry manager for plastics Lindy Lin, “The regulation EN 13432 treats pigments as additives and as such they are obliged not to hinder the industrial composting process. Thanks to our long term experience with purity limits for sensitive applications like food contact materials or toys, we have built up a comprehensive pigment portfolio with especially high purity standards.”

Added sr. technical marketing & development manager for printing and specialties Andreas Kleinhenz, “The right pigment chemistry supports a product’s overall compliance with compost purity limits. It is a relevant factor enabling that the remains of compostable packaging stay within the EN 13432.”