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Additives: Processing Stabilizer for Repro and/or Recycled HDPE

Addisperse’s NC 203 C stabilizer for repro and/or recycled HDPE compounds rebuilds HDPE’s molecular weight, boosting physical properties.


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A new processing stabilizer that has been shown to rebuild the molecular weight of HDPE in a controlled manner has been launched by Addisperse, a business of Aromatic Fusion Inc. (AFI), Bensalem, Penn. Developed for use in compounds and processes containing HDPE repro and/or recycled resin, Addisperse NC 203 C reportedly is a combination of a cross linking agent and an antioxidant.

As a result of multiple heat histories, HDPE is known to break down in molecular weight. This thermal breakdown can create PE wax which dramatically reduces HDPE’s molecular weight, which alters both the melt index and hot strength of the HDPE and compounds containing repro and/or recycled HDPE. One of the most dramatic effects on physical properties is a loss of impact strength, resulting in increased brittleness. According to Addisperse, the addition of as little as 2% of NC 203 C can eliminate many of the negative process and physical property effects when using repro and/or recycled HDPE.

Overall, Addisperse NC 203 C has been shown to increase hot strength, stabilize regrind, minimize stress cracks, increase flex strength and preserve impact strength, along with providing a wider process window.