ADDITIVES: SBC Modifier For Rigid PP Goods, Polyolefin Fibers

New styrenic block copolymer serves as modifier for injection-molded PP parts, and more.

Related Suppliers

Houston-based Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc. is offering a new hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer (HSBC) that has been shown to play several roles as a modifier for polyolefins. MD1648 is an enhanced rubber-segment (ERS) SBC that makes it compatible with PP and PE for various uses, including elastic nonwovens for surgical and protective apparel, diapers and industrial textiles.  MD1648 is said to have high elasticity and strength together with exceptionally low viscosity, unlike conventional SBCs, so that it can run on existing melt blown process equipment. This opens the door for manufacturers to create products that are more flexible, softer and can produce quieter fabric construction.

            Moreover, the new HSBC may be leveraged to improve PP modified household goods, automotive parts, insulating materials, as well as hot-melt adhesives like bonding tapes , according to Kraton’s v.p. of technology Lothar Freund.