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Additives: UV Stabilizer for Enhanced Darker Colored PVC Profiles

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Penn Color’s new UV Enhancer stabilizer formulation said to boost weathering performance of PVC profiles by as much as 60%.

A UV stabilizer recently launched by Penn Color, Doylestown, Penn., has been formulated for use in PVC compounds targeted particularly to PVC profiles with darker colors, a growing trend in the building and construction arena. Addition of new UV Enhancer has been shown to increase the weathering performance of window and fence profiles by up to 60%, while allowing for the reduction of TiO2—typically used in profile formulations at 5-10% to prevent discoloration and loss of impact strength.

Says industry manager for building & construction Mike Cresswell, “Penn Color has a long history working with PVC dispersions. We were one of the first companies in North America to color PVC, producing our first single pigment PVC dispersion in 1964. “We developed our UV Enhancer to improve the weathering performance of PVC profiles for windows and fencing. The development of this additive enables the continued use of PVC as the industry trends toward darker colors, without having to switch to higher priced alternative compounds.”  


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