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Additives: UV Stabilizer for Long-Term Weatherability of PE Greenhouse Films

Adeka/Amfine Chemical develops low-basicity HALS that resists sulfur fumigation and allows for long-term weatherability of agricultural PE films. 


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A new UV stabilizer specifically designed to provide long-term weatherability in LLDPE greenhouse films has been developed by Japan’s Adeka (in U.S., Amfine Chemicals, Hasbrouk Heights N.J.) with an expected commercial launch in October. Developmental LS-2 is a low basicity HALS that resists pesticide and sulfur fumigation, used for preventing damage to crops. With an increasing use of sulfur fumigation in agricultural films (S content from 2000 ppm to 3-4000 ppm, many HALS can be inactivated by both sulfur and pesticide due to acid base reaction.

LS-2 is an LLDPE masterbatch with 50% active component ADK-Stab LA-81, a liquid no-alkyl type HALS with low basicity and low polarity for excellent compatibility in polyolefins. LS-2 typical use levels are 1-2% depending on the film produced—with greenhouse film requiring the higher dosage, followed by mulch and silage films. At severe conditions of 4000 ppm sulfur content at 3000 hours exposure, LS-2 outperformed an industry workhorse HALS, providing better initial color stability, no negative influence on transparency, and the best weatherability under severe sulfur condition.