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Additives:Translucent 'Frost' Effect Colorants for PET Bottles

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PolyOne’s Smartbatch Frost Collecton of color masterbatches launched at Chinaplas 2019.

The launch of a new collection of color and additive masterbatches that offer a translucent ‘frost’ effect for PET bottles, was made at Chinaplas 2019 by PolyOne Corp., Avon Lake, Ohio. The Smartbatch Frost Collection  was developed in response to increasing demand from regional brands in China for greater product differentiation, this collection of color and additive formulations also offers to streamline production and reduce manufacturing cost.

When added to PET resins during the injection stretch-blow molding (ISBM) process, Smartbatch Frost Collection reportedly provides a soft, cool, and icy look with better slip-resistant performance than typical PET bottles. The new masterbatch can be used in all PET bottles, including those for water, beverage and personal care packaging.

“Brand owners in Asia continually seek to increase consumer engagement by visually differentiating their PET packaging. We’ve developed the Frost Collection to enable brands to create high-end, sophisticated, and engaging bottles in a wide range of color options that also expand design freedom and cost effectiveness,” said  Eng Lee, general manager, Color & Additives Asia at PolyOne.


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