All-Electric Two-Stage Machine Debuts

Sodick’s first all-electric V-Line machine has 100-ton clamp with improved toggle design.

Plustech, Inc. is showing off its first Sodick all-electric machine, model MS100. This 100-ton, two-stage model incorporates the company’s V-Line two-stage injection system, with an inclined stationary screw mounted over a horizontal plunger. A new toggle design is said to contribute faster cycles and energy savings. It will run a mold with conformal cooling produced on the company’s new OPM250 metal 3D printer, also on display at NPE.

Plustech is also showing a 20-ton vertical LP20VRE press with rotary table, designed for micro overmolding; a Sodick 30-ton horizontal GL30A-LP, the company’s flagship micromolder; and a 60-ton GL60A “Global Platform” horizontal press. All of these use the V-Line system.

The GL60A will demonstrate the next-generation Meltflipper test tool from Beaumont Technologies, Inc. (Booths S29023, W2193). The cavity balance achieved with the Meltflipper will be monitored by Sodick’s new cavity-pressure monitoring system.

The GL30A-LP micro molder will be on display in Technoject’s booth (W3883) running a Heitec narrow-pitch, valve-gated mold. 


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SODICK IMM / Plustech Inc.

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