AMBA Releases 2018 Business Forecast Report

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The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) recently released its annual “AMBA Business Forecast Report.” Copies are available to qualified mold builders at NPE2018 in booth S33058. The AMBA collected data for this report from over 100 U.S.-based mold manufacturers during the AMBA’s Business Forecast Study (conducted from mid-December 2017 to late-January 2018). This benchmarking report analyzes and highlights information on the anticipated outlook for the U.S. mold building industry for 2018.  

The “2018 Business Forecast Report” showcases data on sales trends, profit levels, capital expenditures, shop and design employment levels and challenges faced in the industry. The overall objective is to provide company executives with a comprehensive overview of conditions in the industry for 2018.

The “2018 Business Forecast Report” reveals cautious optimism for 2018 and explores challenges facing the industry overall. New questions to further understand the future of the industry have been added about new activities being implemented to improve competitiveness, new technologies impacting the plastics industry, the impact of 3D printing and additive manufacturing and trends in customer demands. All of the information is compared to the historical data and expert insights into what 2018 will look like for mold builders.


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