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Antifog PC Film for Visors, Lenses and Goggles

SABIC’s Lexan HP92AF film shown to have excellent performance in high-humidity frontline work environments.  


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A new antifog PC film targeted especially for demanding COVID-19 protection equipment such as safety face shields and goggles in frontline work environments, has been launched by Houston-basedSABIC. Lexan HP92AF film features a one-sided coating that extends the time-to-fog even at very high ambient humidity, ensuring long-lasting optical clarity.

Not only has this film shown its superior antifog performance in extensive testing under the harshest conditions, but it does not  exhibit any hazing at saturation as could be observed with competitive materials. Moreover, the antifog coating technology has no compromising effect on the abrasion resistance and impact strength of the PC film.


SABIC commercializes Lexan PC antifog film.


The excellent optical performance of Lexan HP92AF antifog film has been already proven in several pilot applications for healthcare facilities and meat packing plants, where high humidity and temperature fluctuations can occur especially in transition zones between controlled and uncontrolled work climate. Next to visors, facemasks and safety goggles, further targeted applications include motorcycle visors, ski goggles, automotive cluster lenses, medical instrument lenses and displays as well as industrial lenses.

This new antifog film reportedly shows excellent die cutting and printability, is thermoformable, and withstands repeated cleaning, preferably using lukewarm, mild soap solutions or common glass cleaners. With a width of 48 inches (1,220 mm), Lexan HP92AF antifog film is globally available in a wide range of gauges from 7 to 30 mil (175 to 750 µm).

Said senior business manager for SABIC Americas Ahmet Kizilirmakli, “We have identified a gap in the market when it comes to the effective protection of front-line workers against the COVID-19 pathogen. Particularly in work environments subjected to sudden temperature changes and high humidity, visors and safety goggles often fail to provide adequate long-term anti-fog performance. As a result, they may not be worn as required or must be taken off for frequent wiping. Our new Lexan HP92AF film offers the solution many companies have been looking for. Combining the characteristics of excellent optical quality and the high impact strength of polycarbonate with our advanced antifog technology, makes the product the ultimate choice for face shields and other clear view personal protection equipment with long-lasting optical clarity in these environments.”

SABIC’s film segment leader Mark Troszak, points out that SABIC has the capability to satisfy customer specific requirements by adapting the technology to other existing Lexan coated film solutions,