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Arburg Augments Customer Portal, Extends Digitalization

Arburg is expanding its arburgXworld customer portal and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) connectivity to all new Allrounder injection molding machines with retrofits for older presses.


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Arburg continues to expand its range of digital products and services, including the addition of new capabilities and apps to its arburgXworld customer portal. The company also announced that all Allrounders are now equipped with an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) gateway, and Arburg’s Gestica control is available on all hybrid Hidrive and electric Alldrive machines with clamping forces of 280 tons and up.

Arburg says the MachineFinder and Configurator apps on the arburgXworld customer portal are both very popular with buyers. The Configurator enables users to configure and order its Allrounder 270 S compact molding machine and the Thermolift material dryer and conveyor. The company says additional product lines will be added.

Arburg notes that online ordering of spare parts via the portal’s Shop, in addition to convenience, also has a financial incentive via country-specific online sales promotions. Arburg says the premium VirtualControl app has proven useful to setup technicians and has been applied

in remote situations, allowing users to simulate and edit molding programs on a PC or tablet for troubleshooting, training and more. The simulation can then be transferred directly to the machine controller via the Arburg host computer system (ALS) or compact flash card.

The premium DataDecoder app, which can display machine data records in a readable format and save them as scv or xlsx files, now allows users to compare two data sets with each other and display them visually. Machine fleets can be connected via the Arburg host computer system (ALS) or via the MachineDashboard app. Also new is the ability to integrate Arburg’s freeformer additive manufacturing machine into the ProcessLog app. Arburg says this provides monitoring and documentation of process and job order data.

IIoT Ready

Arburg also announced that all new Allrounder molding machines now come standard with an IIoT gateway, allowing them to be interconnected with the arburgXworld customer portal or Arburg Remote Service.

Arburg says any customers purchasing a new machine will receive a voucher to retrofit two older presses—built since 2014 and featuring the 4. Service assistant—at a special price. This would grant the machines access to Arburg Remote Service (ARS).

Arburg also announced that its Gestica control, which was launched in North America with the Allrounder 1120H, will become more widely available. Customers can now have Gestica on all hybrid Hidrive and electric Alldrive injection molding machines with clamping forces of  280 tons and higher. The control features a full-HD multi-touch screen and Easyslider, with detailed 3D views that can be rotated and zoomed individually.

Arburg arburgxworld

Arburg’s arburgXworld customer portal had added new features and been extended to more machines—new and old.