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Automated Crosshead for Elastomer Hose

Said to be engineered to minimize operator involvement and use of hand tools, thereby improving safety.  


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Designed for elastomer hose, the Model 4000AG fully automated crosshead from Davis-Standard (D-S) reportedly delivers closed-loop, stepper-driven automatic control of tube concentricity and wall thickness in a hands-free, low-maintenance package.

D-S says the unit has been engineered to minimize operator involvement and use of hand tools, thereby improving safety. The crosshead’s fixed die eliminates the need to loosen or tighten bolts for fine-tuning. For concentricity adjustment, operators use a joystick instead of manual wrenches. Wall thickness modifications are stepper-driven, eliminating the requirement of hand tools and intrusive thickness measuring devices.

For ease of operation, the crosshead’s HMI touchscreen interface streamlines functionality. Initial tooling set-up and maintaining operator-to-operator consistency is simplified. Immediate in-line product feedback helps identify and correct off-spec issues, reducing errors and promoting reliable on-spec results.

Automated Crosshead for Hose

Programmable features provide seamless integration of existing or new X-ray gauge controls. In terms of retrofits, many existing Model 2000 and 3000 heads can be retrofitted to take advantage of the Model 4000AG automated design features. These retrofits require the current Model 2000/3000
standard tooling. The use of an existing X-ray gauge and controller to provide a signal is integrated into the Davis-Standard PLC Controller.