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Automation: Bigger, Stronger Gripper For Collaborative Robots

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On Robot grippers fit Universal Robots.

On Robot, a Danish manufacturer of electric grippers for collaborative robots (cobots), has introduced the model RG6, a larger and stronger version of the company’s RG2. It reportedly handles higher payloads than other two-finger cobot grippers on the market. The higher adjustable force (25-120 N, or 5.6-27 lbf) enables three times higher payload (6-8 kg or 13.2-17.6 lb) than the RG2 and wider stroke (160 mm or 6.2 in.) On Robot has a U.S. office in Charlotte, N.C. Like the RG2, the RG6 is an electric gripper, said to be more compact, more energy efficient, and simpler to use than pneumatic actuation. Features include customizable fingertips and support for dual grippers on one arm without extra wiring. The RG6 reportedly mounts quickly and easily on all cobot arms from Universal Robots, another Danish firm, with U.S. office in Ann Arbor, Mich.


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