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Automation: Cobot Gripper Provides Higher Grabbing Force, Safely

New long-stroke gripper generates gripping forces up to 450 Newtons (N), surpassing the typical force-limited 140 N used by most collaborative grippers.


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German gripping system manufacturer Schunk (U.S. office Morrisville, N.C.) says its new Co-act EGL-C long-stroke gripper can generate gripping forces up to 450 N, well beyond the force-limited 140 N applied by most collaborative grippers.

Schunk says this higher force is made possible by an integrated, patent-pending safety algorithm that protects employees working alongside the cobots. Greater gripping force opens up the potential of human-robot collaboration in handling weights that go beyond small parts assembly.

In 2019, Schunk introduced the EGH Co-act gripper, which has a freely programmable stroke that the company says can be quickly commissioned and programmed.

The Co-act EGL-C long-stroke gripper uses “integrated intelligence” to safely achieve gripping forces up to 450 N in collaborative applications. 

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