Automation: Cobots Get Upgrades in Control & Precision

Universal Robots’ new e-Series cobots have tighter repeatability plus force control.

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The new e-Series of collaborative robots (“cobots”) from Universal Robots features built-in force/torque sensing and improved precision and programming. The new standard tool-centric force/torque sensor is suits applications that require force control right out of the box, such as sanding, buffing, polishing, and deburring. Also, the force/torque sensor can be used to measure mass and perform inspection processes or precisely detect contact.

Increased repeatability of 30 microns (0.03 mm) in the smaller UR3e and UR5e models, and 50 microns (0.05 mm) in the larger UR10e, is said to suit the new cobots to precise finishing, assembly and electronics tasks.

A redesigned, intuitive and responsive touchscreen expedites program development by reducing the task to a few clicks on a new lightweight, wide-screen teach pendant. Meanwhile, advanced users cn utilize the new, externally accessible 500-Hz system bus to implement more complex motion control, such as advanced machine-vision applications.

The user interface also now includes the ability to program stopping time and distance for protective stops—a unique safety feature reportedly not found in any other cobot.