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Automation: Compact, Lightweight Cobot

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ABB introduces a more compact, single-arm version of its double-arm YuMi cobot.

ABB has introduced a single-arm version of its YuMi collaborative robot (“cobot”) to supplement the dual-arm version launched in 2015. The new model IR 14050 is more compact and lightweight (21 lb) and can be mounted in any direction, including ceiling, table and wall mounting. The ultra-light magnesium arm rotates on seven axes for small-parts assembly processes like consumer electronics and other consumer goods. The cobot has a 1.1-lb rated payload capacity and max. reach of 559 mm. Position repeatability is 0.02 mm.

The cobot uses the same intuitive lead-through programming as the dual-arm YuMi. Described as “inherently safe by design,” it reportedly needs no barriers or cages. In addition, ABB’s SafeMove2 package of hardware and software is available as an option. SafeMove2 includes safety functions such as speed limits, safe standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges, and position and orientation supervision. For example, if an operator needs to interact with the cobot, safety sensors can be incorporated into the cell to detect the person’s presence. After detecting a person’s presence, SafeMove will either supervise the robot’s speed or monitor it while it is standing still. Once the person clears the zone, the cobot can resume operation.


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