AUXILIARIES: Integrated Compounding Process For Plastics Recyclers

Starlinger's new extruder module makes it possible to recycle and compound in one process step,

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A new extruder module introduced by Starlinger (U.S. office in Greenville, S.C.), is said to open up new market opportunities for plastics recyclers. Introduced at Fakuma 2014, the C-Vac module can be integrated in existing plastics recycling lines and reportedly allows for easy and precise dosing of additives, fillers and reinforcements during the recycling process.

            Unlike conventional compounding extruders, the C-Vac is a single-screw extruder. This is especially key in glass-reinforced compounds because it is said to reduce to a minimum the fiber breakage during compounding, resulting in greater strength of the final parts. Depending on the size of the line, output quantities range from 330-5950 lbs/hr. The C-Vac unit can be integrated into any existing Starlinger recycling line.