AUXILIARIES: Low-Dose Blender for Small Machines

Gravimetric blender feeds up to 572 lb/hr in doses down to 3 g per component.

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The latest from Motan-Colortronic GmbH in Germany (U.S. office in Plainwell, Mich.) is the Ultrablend 95, a gravimetric blender for precise dosing of extremely small amounts directly into the throat of an injection or blow molding machine or extruder. Up to four components can be dosed in sequence and are then mixed together in the 4.5-liter mixing chamber. Minimum dosing amount is 3 g per component. With two components, the
maximum throughput is 260 kg/hr (572 lb/hr). Hopper capacity is 900 g.

All parts in contact with the product are of stainless steel and can be removed quickly for cleaning. The dosing slider remains closed during material changeover, so not even the smallest amount of material can run out or be shaken out, the company says. The single load cell is said to compensate for machine vibration to preserve weighing accuracy. The Gravinet controller has a color touchpanel and integrated Ethernet communications to allow operation with a Motan Webpanel or remote PC. Gravinet controls up to seven loaders.