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3/28/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

AUXILIARIES: Material Loading System Is Mobile, Dust Free

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Aimed at dry powder bulk materials, system is completely enclosed.

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A mobile dust-free system for loading dry bulk materials is available from Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, Pa. With the siloadmaxX system, dry powder bulk material is conveyed into a receiving container fitted with a liner through a telescoping pipe built into the system. As the  material is loaded into the container, the conveying air and dust particles are drawn into an integrated filter receiver through the gap between the outer telescoping pipe and the inner conveying pipe. A rotary valve under the filter receiver discharges the dust back into the conveying cycle.

The entire transfer process is completely enclosed to prevent the release of dust into the environment. The conveying air needed for operation is supplied by an integrated blower when silos are being unloaded, and by the truck compressor when material is being conveyed directly from a truck.

According to Pelletron, benefits include cutting packing time up to 75% by eliminating intermediate packaging steps like bag filling; efficient loading/unloading of containers of up to 50,000 lb in 25 min.; reduced transportation costs by virtue of using ISO containers instead of transporting trucks or rail cars; and efficient unloading when the using the ContainerQuickFlow (CQF) container unloading system.

The CQF is designed to handle sticky and powdery bulk solids without releasing dust into the environment. The unit is connected to the full container by a fork lift. The container is tilted to a 45-47° angle so the material can flow through the large opening in the liner that extends across the full width of the container, and into a screw feeder. The material is then pneumatically pressure conveyed with the aid of an integrated blow through rotary valve into the destination silo. The CQF unloading system is available to fit a variety of containers. An optional compressed air pulse unit is recommended for applications where material tends to bridge.

Pelletron is providing the system in cooperation with WWTec GmbH & Co. of Germany.


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