AUXILIARIES: Mobile Cleanroom Air Filter for Injection Machines

It covers just the clamp area of the press--or a conveyor.

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New from Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd. in Halton, Lancaster, Lancashire, U.K. has introduced the HEPA-lite, a mobile and adjustable cleanroom air filter that is suitable for creating a cleanroom over the clamp unit of an injection machine—much more economical than fully enclosing the machine. HEPA-lite provides localized, filtered air to protect processes—such as conveyors—from particulate contamination. It reportedly can meet ISO 1644-1 Class 5-9 cleanroom conditions.

The modular C-frame system has low, braked casters and angle-adjustable legs, which make the unit easy to slide under machinery. It is easy to roll out of the way for tool changes or machine maintenance. LED lighting and a digital pressure differential transmitter with digital output. This allows the user to set upper and lower air-pressure threshholds and audible and visual warning alarms if those limits are exceeded. The unit can be customized with softwall curtains or clear acrylic hardwall.