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9/23/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

AUXILIARIES: News in Drying, Blending, Cooling, Granulating at Fakuma Show

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Wittmann Battenfeld to display wide array of new auxiliaries at show.


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At the Fakuma show this month in Germany, Wittmann Battenfeld of Austria (U.S. office in Torrington, Conn.) will launch a wide variety of new auxiliaries.

 •  Dryers: Drymax Aton plus is the latest evolution of Wittmann’s Aton segmented-wheel desiccant dryers. Energy efficiency is said to have been further enhanced by optimizing the regeneration phase, adding a weekly timer for automatic startup and shutdown, and other features. The new touchscreen display with graphical menu navigation provides an overview of all drying parameters and also can monitor and control the latest-generation Feedmax S3 net material loaders. That eliminates frequent climbing up on processing machines.

Wittmann will also introduce the FC plus module as an option for Drymax frequency-controlled battery dryers. An FC-controlled dryer automatically adjusts the dry-air flow to the throughput requirements of each drying battery. FC plus further optimizes efficiency by shutting off unneeded dryers in case of low demand. An inactive dryer switches over to standby mode, which leads to shutdown of all power consumers such as fans and heaters. When the FC plus module registers an increase in material consumption, it first increases the performance of the active frequency-controlled dryer. If demand continues to increase, one of the dryers on standby is activated. A total of up to three standby dryers can be called in.

 •  Blenders: Gravimax G56 is Wittmann’s new gravimetric blender for up to six components. It blends up to 5 kg at a time.

•  Cooling: Wittmann will also show its latest water flow control, which uses ultrasonic sensing and can operate with media temperatures from 20 to 180 C (68 to 356 F). It can measure flow rates from 0.5 to 40 liters/min with accuracy of ±5%, Wittmann says. This ability to measure very low flow rates enables monitoring of mold channels with very narrow cross-sections. This new technology will be available for Tempro plus D temperature controllers with temperature ranges up to 140, 160, or 180 C.

Molders often divide the quantity of water per temperature-control circuit into two parallel water circuits by installing an external Y fitting. The disadvantage is that only the total flow rate can be monitored under usual conditions. But the new ultrasonic flow monitor has dual flow measurement, allowing the user to take two separate flow measurements per temperature-control circuit.

•  Granulators: Wittmann will show several thoroughly revised models of its MAS, Minor, and Junior granulators. For example, the MAS2 granulaor for grinding soft, flexible maerials has a 420 x 505 mm feed hopper—30% larger than previous models.