AUXILIARIES: Process Cooling, Drying and Material Handling Highlighted

Operator-proof material handling, modular/scalable central chillers, adiabatic cooling towers, and compact desiccant-wheel dryers displayed.

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Auxiliary equipment supplier The Conair Group,, will highlight various technologies at NPE2015 as part of its “pathways to profitability” theme. The company will once again feature its Material Vision Proofing (MVP) system at the show, initially featured at NPE2012 (see Plastics Technology’s coverage, here).


The MVP vision system includes a motorized camera that automatically confirms that the connection between material sources and destinations has been made correctly and conveying can begin.


Scalable Central Chilling
Conair will also showcase its ESE Series EarthSmart central chillers, which it describes as modular and scalable (see Plastics Technology’s initial report here). The scalable design allows processors to expand up to a total of six chillers resulting in a combined cooling capacity of 960 tons.

A total of 12 refrigeration circuits can be connected to a single control interface using twisted-pair wiring, allowing centralized control of all chiller circuits. Systems can be water cooled, using tower water, or installed in a remote-air-cooled condenser configuration.


Earth-, Water Bill-Friendly Cooling Towers
Conair will also highlight its EarthSmart Adiabatic Cooling Towers, which it promises can reduce water and energy consumption, while preventing process fluid contamination (see Plastics Technology’s original coverage here). Process fluid circulates in a closed loop through tubing in the tower, isolating it from contamination and evaporation. That tubing is positioned behind adiabatic panels, so that as ambient air passes through the wetted panels, water evaporates, reducing the temperature of the air flowing into the unit and thereby cooling the process fluid. Conair notes that 11 models are available, handling flow rates from 45 gal/min (170 l/min) up to 510 gal/min (1930 l/min) of process fluid (35% ethylene glycol).


Downsized Dryers for Small Runs of Pricy Resins
Conair will also have its MicroWheel desiccant dryers on hand, which it bills as an alternative to compressed-air dryers and small twin-tower units, positioning the technology as a logical choice for medical processors and those running small quantities of expensive engineering resins (read Plastics Technology’s original coverage here).


Available in two models, the dryers use brushless blowers with speed control built in, allowing easier programming and the ability to deliver the correct amount of process air flow to dry the different resin volumes. Hopper capacities range from 0.2- (5.7-l) to 1.0-ft3 (28.5-l). Including the hopper, the dryers range in height from 19.5 inches (495 mm) to 27.7 inches (704 mm). The largest unit weighs in at 106 lb (48 kg).