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AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Energy-Efficient Hoppers & Dryers

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Dryer hoppers available in a wide range of configurations.

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New HYD Series drying hoppers from ACS Group, Schaumberg, Ill., are available in floor, cart, machine, and mezzanine mounting configurations. They come in 10 models from 1.1 to 28.2 ft3 and have insulation thickness of 60 mm—thicker than previous models and thus more energy efficient. A large air diffuser provides good mass flow and has a smooth, polished stainless-steel interior with an aluminum-wrapped exterior.

ACS also has redesigned its mid-range desiccant dryers. The MDB series is available for 50 to 450 lb/hr. Its electric bed-switching valve technology reportedly provides an easy-to-operate and expandable platform that can control up to three modular drying hoppers. A desiccant wheel system with precooler can be added as an option. The dryer can be sold as a stand-alone unit if the drying hopper is mounted directly on the machine, or as a cart system with or without conveying options to service several process machines. The conveying cart packages can be configured in closed-loop or purge-valve configurations.

An optional heat-recovery system on the MDB dryer recovers waste heat to improve overall efficiency. An optional variable-speed blower VAV system controls airflow and protects material in the process while conserving energy.


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