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8/12/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Low-Profile Receivers Feature Unique Design

Originally titled 'MATERIALS HANDLING: Low-Profile Receivers Feature Unique Design'
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Standing only 8 in. above the lid of a blender, the low center of gravity on new line of low-profile receivers minimizes sway on fast-cycling machines.


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LoPro receivers from Maguire Products Inc.., Aston, Pa., are self-controlled, eliminating the need for central control, while offering simplified connection and installation. Maguire will debut the line at K 2016. Plug-and-play cabling and sequential linking of components are standard for the receivers, which load on a first-in/first-out basis. Vacuum, which is powered by a single-phase brushless motor, is supplied from a “mini-central” unit mounted on a portable floor stand or on the blender frame.

Maguire notes that the LoPro’s discharge flap is three- to six times wider than the flap on traditional upright receivers, cutting dump time to 1 to 2 sec/cycle, depending on the material’s flow properties.

The set-time button on the onboard control allows for precise fill-time settings, with both visual and audio alarms if material is not loading correctly. In terms of maintenance, all the LoPro’s operating components are housed in a removable module so the receiver can remain in place, for faster on-the-fly cleaning. In addition, modules are interchangeable, so production can continue uninterrupted when service on one module is required. A patented blow-back clears the filter at the end of each cycle, eliminating manual cleaning. Maguire also notes that because the module has side rather than top access, it is easier to access and check the filter.

Available with the same 5-yr warranty offered on all Maguire equipment, the LoPro runs a a 1.3-Hp (970-watt) single-phase brushless motor, producing a conveying capacity of 650 kg (1300 lb)/hr over 4 m (12 ft) and 500 kg (1000 lb)/hr over 6 m (20 ft). 


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